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Norwegian Rosemaling

by Jean Honl
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Rosemaling Projects

Over the years, many people have brought or sent me articles that they want changed or repaired.


This retro hutch is one of them. Several daughters gave this hutch to their parents. After their parents died no one in the family

wanted it. However, they didn't want to sell it or throw it away. One of the daughters brought it to me to repair and rosemal.


I added a crown to the top of the hutch and a pine skirt to the bottom. Next, I sanded the entire hutch and primed it. I also took

 off the strips of wood on the drawers and turned the cabinet doors around. The doors had deep indentations in them. 



This is the finished hutch. The daughter loved it. She put it in her living room. 





Turning the face of the doors inside out made a big improvement.





People are frequently bringing or sending me projects to work on.


This last fall I was sent a spoon holder to be repainted. I primed the spoon holder and background painted it in blue and then

rosemaled it.


This is an old sewing chest I restored.  Some parts were missing and others were broken.  I disassembled the chest
and fixed the broken parts.  Then I reassembled the chest. 



After the repairs, I sanded, primed, and rosemaled the sewing chest.  The removable tray under the cover was missing, so
I made a new one.




The picture below is of a Norwegian budstikke. An acomplished woodworker made the budstikke and sent it to me to rosemal.




This is an unusual project I was asked to do. I designed a rosemaling pattern that was etched onto a gravestone.




Please contact me if you have any questions or have a special project for me.