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Norwegian Rosemaling

by Jean Honl
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Special Order Norwegian Rosemaling Trunks

I take orders for several sizes of custom rosemaled trunks. I make the trunks myself. The trunks can be personalized with a name and date on the inside top lid or on the outside of the trunk. Each trunk is custom made and takes up to two months to complete. They are wonderful heirlooms


Round Top Trunk 17" Wide x 14" high x 11" deep - $285

Flat Top Trunk: 16" wide x 12" high x 11" deep - $240

Medium Flat Top Trunk: 23" wide x 16" high x 15" deep - $975

Large Flat Top Trunk: 33" wide x 19" high x 19" deep - $1,900


Shipping is extra; the trunks are well made from clear birch and pine.
Color choices are medium green, medium blue, dark blue, and rusty red.
Here is an example of a medium custom trunk that I recently completed in medium and dark blue. This trunk is 23" x 16" x 15."
I often customize names and dates on the inside top lid or the front of the trunk. I have requests for graduations, anniversaries, wedding dates and names.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to order a custom made trunk.